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Create a daily calorie and nutrition count to monitor the calories, sugar, salt and other nutritional ingredients that you are taking on board. Learn more about your eating habits and stay withing recommended guidelines.

How much sugar is in that?

There is so much discussion nowadays about sugar and obesity, but it is difficult for the average person to understand whether their food intake is high in sugar or not. With infood, the entire purpose is about making the data easier to understand and compare sugar-rich foods from sugar-light foods. And check out the overview on sugar which is a summary of published guidance. Note that inFood provides no advice on nutritional matters.

inFood is a free website that started as an experiment with data. It is not affiliated with any supermarket or any food manufacturer or supplier. The data is presented without prejudice or bias. The aim is simply to encourage healthier eating and lifestyles by exposing the details of what is in the foods that we buy and eat. The food data used by inFood has been gathered from supermarket websites AND government agentcies. The data has then been normalized and indexed so that valid comparisons can be made. Nowhere else can you search by ingredient, for instance try searching a leading supermarket for Aspartame. For more information, see about .

Page last reviewed: 4th January, 2017